At Rábade we manufacture different types of stainless steel tubes depending on their application.

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Standard tube

The tubes manufactured in the standard ranges are the most widely used in industry. They are usually those references that we use in a more common and general way. They allow them to be manufactured in series, so that all units are the same. In this way, they can be produced in large quantities in an automated way, even achieving economies of scale (lower cost per additional unit).

Automotive Tube

The use of stainless steel tubes in automobiles is becoming increasingly popular. They are often part of the vehicle interior, such as in suspension systems, in fuel injection and vehicle control and for transporting liquids and gases (oil, steam, gas and smoke).

Heat exchanger tube

These are capital goods and equipment used to transfer temperature, essential equipment in heating, cooling, air conditioning, energy production, chemical processing, as well as in everyday appliances such as heaters, refrigerators, boilers, computers, the radiator in a car engine, etc.

Sanitary Tube and DVGW

This is a range of welded stainless steel pipes for the conduction of aqueous liquids, the type of installations that we can find is varied, being usual:

  • Drinking water installations
  • Heating
  • Cooling circuits
  • Solar installations
  • Vacuum conduction
  • Industrial installations, oils and hydrocarbons


Our tube will be used around the world to help capture and harness solar energy. Our customers design the technology and we supply one of the
supply one of the key components.


Tubos de acero inoxidable

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