Inoxidables Rábade, more than 50 years of history.

Inoxidables de Rábade, leader in the manufacture of stainless steel welded tubes for the last 30 years.

Advanced infrastructure

50 years of experience

International distribution

Inoxidables Rábade...

We offer the best product quality, excellent service and state-of-the-art technology.

Inoxidables de Rábade has achieved a remarkable balance between its wide range of high quality products and the permanent service we offer our customers.

Respect for the environment, together with constant technological innovation, evolution and implementation of the most sophisticated and up-to-date quality control and management systems was, is and will be the paradigm of our company.

The construction in 2005 of a new 15,000 m2 plant in Outeiro de Rei (Lugo), represented a great step forward and gave continuity to the company’s commitment to technological innovation, quality and service, thus helping to meet the new needs of the industries towards which production is directed.

Rábade is an accessible and dynamic company thanks to its team of professionals
of professionals who offer personalised attention for each project and specialise in achieving the objectives of each client.

It covers strategic sectors of industry such as agri-food, pharmaceuticals, renewable energies and the automotive industry, as well as the manufacture of heat exchangers for the paper and wood processing industry.

It also plays a role in the chemical industry, water piping including drinking water, heating and fire prevention systems that are part of our daily lives.

All this has enabled Rábade to become one of the leading manufacturers of welded stainless steel tube.

Our facilities

We comply with all security guidelines 2023


of available surface area

Inoxidables de Rábade, together with technological innovation, quality and service.

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Irestal Group

On Time delivery times, maximum 48 hours

Thanks to the strategic location of our branches and our fast, reliable and innovative logistics service, we offer you delivery times in line with your needs.

Quality policy

Irestal Group guarantees, through international standards including ISO 9001:2015, the highest quality of its products and packaging, as well as its cut-to-size and surface finishing services to the satisfaction of our customers.

Value for money

Our experience and business philosophy based on efficiency allows us to offer the best value for money in the market, maintaining the highest quality standards in products and services.

Customised products and services

Thanks to our Service Centre, at Irestal Group we work together with our clients to identify their needs and offer customised solutions.

Extensive product range

With more than 7,500 items in stock, Irestal Group offers you the most extensive range of stainless steel products.


Our Commitment

In a span of 75 years, we remain rooted in our values and principles even in this world of continuous transformation. Significant challenges arising from dynamism and rapid industrial evolution are met consistently, thanks to our ability to adapt to changing demands and a clear vision for the future.

The outstanding reputation and quality we have built up since our inception stems from a daily, collective effort. Every individual in the various countries that make up the IRESTAL GROUP contributes to this continuous, carefully cultivated effort.

The foundation of our dedication to integrity, regulatory compliance and the promotion of ethical behaviour towards our customers and suppliers in a global marketplace lies in our code of ethics and principles of conduct.

Our purpose is to contribute to the creation of a better society. In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030, we strive to build a more sustainable planet, thus leaving the best possible legacy for future generations. In this task, IRESTAL GROUP is positioned as a key reference.


Tubos de acero inoxidable

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